Amazon vs Shopify Who better for DropShipping


Amazon Betterton Shopify is Amazon FBA better than Shopify dropshipping it goes on and on in this articale talk about is what is Shopify and what is Amazon FBA first things first let's talk about shop of flight because a lot of people jump on the internet right now and they're looking for a way to start a business online I won the biggest things are seen as you should shop at Shopify dropship are you should drop drop the fight dropship on Shopify it's a common question what's dropshipping watch out before I first things for Shopify is just a way for you to build an e-commerce platform of your own so that we commerce website for your own brand your own products products you sell for other people so on so forth that's all it is no it's a phenomenal piece of kit like it's an amazing tool but it's just a tool in and of itself that's all it is so people say how do you make money with Shopify what's really saying is 

How do you make money selling products on your own website now we when we're talking to Amazon and FBA fulfillment by Amazon when someone says I'm gonna be able to weigh it never makes sense to have you make money with Amazon FBA that's just it doesn't make it does exam Hey make money with that warehouse with Amazon it's just pointless so when we talk about Amazon we're saying we're selling our own brand the products on the Amazon platform number using their fulfillment services F. PA to ship out our products on our behalf and take care of the customer services that's what we're talking about which Shopify and there was some synergy understand that the next thing is but what's the better opportunity was the better thing to do our server dropshipping because whenever I got started in this whole E. commerce space many years ago over 10 years ago now

 I wanted to drop ship products and what that means is I would have my own website I would then list a whole bunch of other people's products on my website I'm a never somebody purchased a product from me I would go and speak to the supplier and say Hey supplier someone has Joe's bought that product from me hi I'm shipping it out I need to buy it from you I need you to ship it out on my behalf so it's like they they buy for me I didn't buy it from the side. Player at a lower price supplier ships there on my behalf and I make the spread that's what dropshipping is I like don't drop ship and I and I'll talk about that in this articale I want to do it because I felt like it was the easiest lowest issue business model to get into I'm gonna Matt Roberts for the first time over 10 years ago I told him I want to be a drop shipper he at the time was selling wholesale items as well as his own items on Amazon and on eBay at the time in the U. K. it's a long time ago now I told me Stephen you just can't make the margins on dropship there are definitely certain products with drop shipping you can do very very well with we had our own store and we were selling different types of fitness equipment and stuff like that we did phenomenally well for a period of time but the problem was we didn't control the stock stock ran out. What do we do next we were we were gonna point time the dropshipping model as a whole it interests a lot of beginners because it feels like there's no real risk involved here's reality the dropship and number one you don't have control of that stock something closer to stock you have to wait until the thing comes back in again and you could be waiting a long time the next thing we dropship in is that your in a situation where you have to drive traffic to your store and you have to be in that way and in a position where you can drive enough traffic to get enough customers and make enough money so that the amount you spend on ads it all makes sense for me with when you get all the money back to the sales that you've made now I'm not saying that can be done because it absolutely can be and the great thing about this dropshipping model is you on the customer so that's good because you can sell the customer again and again again now a lot of people don't do that because it's just not part of what they do

 I don't know why it's not retire on the internet I don't know why and and so that is where dropship works well then you can sell to people over and over and over again the problem just as at the margins on most products are very slim jump over to Amazon and selling on Amazon mail with a private label model differences it's a product a single product and she should actually get to multiple if you can so you're buying one product at a time from a supplier in the Far East typically they're producing the products on your behalf you're putting your own brand on to those items on the packaging you're then importing them you're selling them on Amazon in multiple countries that's what we teach now a lot of people look at that and say that feels a lot riskier but here's the thing number one your research process it mitigates a lot of the so called risk number 2 you're gonna make infinitely more money every time you make a sale right you just well it's it's you can argue that fact because you're you're purchasing multiple units importing them and you're selling them now with Amazon yeah you're gonna pay some money for add to to this your products so every time you make a sale you're going to pay some money down is on the ship at your behalf could pay some sale. It's commissions and things like that bush because you purchased the product and you brought it in you're making so much more in the way of marriage and you're gonna make more money without network has put to these things together and say well you'll sitting with Stephen like that's all well and good but at the end of the day when it comes to dropshipping I own the customer on Amazon I don't on the customer and you be absolutely correct that's no doubt a drawback to selling on Amazon close you millions of customers on this platform ready to buy products what your job is to understand the research process to bring in the right items to sell the right people on Amazon and you can build a phenomenal business doing that with dropshipping what we're doing is we're really saying what's the nature of people our group of people I can advertise to I can get these items in front of them they'll buy am for me and I look cells and again again again and again my margins are smaller therefore I'm gonna keep selling in order to make real money down the line so they are there to to our differences with the business models kind of like the pros and cons of a private label business on Amazon verses at Shopify dropshipping business now you can also do a private label business on Shopify what that would mean is you would bring in your own products with your own brand build your own website and drive customers to that website with an amazing articale italiana James talking about her process behind that recently and I was really really good and I think that's like if you're gonna do Shopify in my opinion the real way to do Shopify a really profitable level is by doing your own products your own brand is it more difficult absolutely 100 percent it's more difficult because you have to build your own site your customers there put your own investment on your own items but that's where you're going to make the most money that's a real business but you're gonna make your mostly down the line not to say you can make money dropshipping but I've I've covered pretty well that kind of drawbacks without business model the lack of control and stuff like that is huge I'm I saying damn that Shopify private label is better now is on well no not at all because you have to fight.

 A way to get customers over here when I was on the customers are already there what's the ultimate way to go in my opinion start with Amazon FBA that's where I started because it was simpler it was easier to get set up I just had their master's research process Amazon took care of a lot of big things for me for example first things millions of customers are to sell to that's awesome that's the most valuable important thing second thing they'll take care of the SCO related to the product so you know if it was if I was in the category of assigns a plastic shoe boxes of talked about it before Amazon are going to buy ads on Google's going to rank well in Google slack key word well my job is to make sure the product I'm selling I can get ranked within Amazon 7 people click there see my product obviously there's P. B. C. with Amazon as well it's gonna help me get more people so they're just some of the things I'm as of late I particularly like all times do retargeting advertising a lot of social advertising they do a lot for you they need to pay for them resigned on this Shopify I've got my website now I'm going to figure all of that and I'm going to figure everything out and the way to drive customers and that's not a  thing it's just a reality so if you are watching this articale today have never had a business before and you're looking for a way to get something set up that simple that you make money doing and in time you can gravitate to building your own website and growing your own brand then I would start with Amazon get myself up and running learn how the business works learn how importing works learn how to find products and then I would I would do well there make money then the items that are interesting with over here I would bring over here I get my brand of my own platform and start growing that at the same time and that's the thing a lot of people are like oh is it in either R. no it's a it's a bold and the best thing you can do is start an Amazon get proof of concept bring your best items over here build a real brand due to the exact same time sell globally over here on Amazon get your Shopify store in place do well in the in the country at your start and maybe in time expanded globally that's another tricky thing with. Shopify with Amazon very simple extensive inventory to a couple different places you can sell globally no there there the name big things that I would say to think about when you're trying to consider what to do if your only concern is mitigating risk reducing risk trying to start a business with the least amount of money possible I'll just be Frank no business is going to give you that you start with dropshipping the money is gonna be in advertising to start a private label the money's going to be in stock we start with Shopify private labeled the money's going to be in stock and it's going to be an advertising as well so like you can't escape the fact that there is an investment involved in any business model that is a reality that you most now we should be okay with that it's cool to put money down you're investing your building something that's real so that's going to grow into a real business for you and that's a really cool thing for the people out there that will tell you all you can start with no money whatsoever you can make tons of money with free traffic and blah blah blah if you follow the advice were you going to be in a few months ma'am likely exactly restarted I see it time and time and time again people are so focused on avoiding failure they're not embracing any kind of success so if you choose to go shop for dropshipping fine just know that you're gonna have to master building that Shopify store and master in driving advertising it on Facebook beat on Google shopping which we've done before as I mentioned earlier on and the inventory was the big issue there because of a lack of control exams and F. B. 8 which again just isn't just know you're gonna put my item in stock but the research process is critical over here and that's what we teach better than anybody else in my humble opinion and then you're gonna get those products globally Shopify private label it's going to be all of the above actually and and I'm not to scare anybody that that's amazing if you just want to build a brand that's all you want to do and that's the right thing for you so whatever it is for you great let me know in the comments which business model are you most interested in and let me know why I'd love to hear I can respond in the comments I can let you know what I think as always give this articale like if your joints. So far and if you're not subscribed to the channel make sure you do right now away fear. Good morning and if you're not already part of the marketplace superheroes movement where we teach you how to build an Amazon business the right way 

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