Best e-commerce Business Development Idea

E-commerce store owner running your own E. commerce operation can quickly turn from side hustle to full time job if you set up a good product range and get some decent reviews you could be earning a decent salary and remain independent many store owners spend their days working on marketing and growing sales well automated systems take care of their shipping and customer relations this way you can work set hours and steer away from having to answer customer queries until all hours of the night there are different types of E. commerce business models so do your homework before you pick one you can also choose between dropshipping wholesaling manufacturing white labeling and subscription sites and how much you earn is completely dependent on what you sell and 

How many sales you make and if you want to know some more about E. commerce we made a video all about it 15 facts about drop shipping. Number 8 travel agent you might think the travel agent is redundant but it's not true at all for many people trawling sites for transfers and deals are understanding travel conditions is something they don't have the time for online travel agents can offer accurate and insightful advice all inclusive pricing and are a god send too many busy business people and families alike they want to know that while abroad they can email an individual to help them if plans change or they run into a snag and that's where you come in if you're great at reading the fine print and finding the best deals then why not sign up as an online travel agent gone are the days you need to walk in office at a strip mall you just need a website or join an existing company and work from home you can charge fees and commissions on every booking ticket change and service such as obtaining visas and comparing travel insurance depending on 

How detailed the client wants their itinerary to beat you could also get direct commission on entry and show tickets land travel and hotels by signing up as a travel agent your earnings could soon add up and post code it could become a pretty lucrative business to be at. Number 7 virtual recruiter recruiters headhunters or talent scouts whatever you call it finding the right person for the job is a really satisfying career choice also recruitment is no longer reserved for big name employment services small boutique agencies and freelancers are popping up everywhere the role entails searching career networks like linkedin and finding the right talent for the job learning where to strategically place job listings is another skill that will increase your success rate and reduce the number of unsuitable candidates you have to sift through once you've narrowed it down you'll be responsible for screening potential candidates and even doing a pre interview your work continues from the salary negotiation right through to contracting generally a recruiter earns a commission based on the annual salary of the person they have placed so if you're able to recruit for top management positions can you could earn handsomely percentages vary based on the difficulty to place for the specific skill set anything from 15 to 30 percent of the annual salary is acceptable recruiters also charge jobseeker's upwards of $125 an hour for their expertise from helping them to write a good cover letter for a job application to helping them write their resume or preparing for an interview it's a cash cow and can all be done remotely. 

Number 6 animator or video editor $65000 video is the new black no marketing campaign communication strategy is complete without a video streaming is made binge watching the norm so production of film and series is at an all time high to keep up with demand if you can produce animated content or edit video content well you can work remotely for the rest of your life once you have a set up of a decent editing computer the right software and secure storage space you're sacked as your projects get bigger and you build your reputation and your hourly rate will increase starting rates are around $25 an hour but can be as high as 100 in our 4 skills work rates also vary for 2 D. and 3 D. animators as well as the film industry or corporate editing position. Number 5 financial adviser and tax expert $90000 if your numbers oriented you can qualify to provide financial advice and take care of people's tax returns all without leaving your home tax season is generally only a few months a year for filing so it's a seasonal job but saying that you can earn nearly $30000 in one season the remainder of the year you can advise the same people on how to better arrange their finances to be more tax effective there are plenty of commissions involved in selling financial products as well as charging your clients an hourly rate for your advice number for corporate counsel $115000 law isn't all board rooms and courtrooms there are plenty of advisory roles you can play from home corporate counsel our lawyers employed to advise businesses they would have specialized in corporate law and know the ins and outs of drafting a negotiating contracts navigating regulations and providing legal advice and support to avoid ending up in the court room it's a very consultation of role which can be conducted remotely for the most part and this isn't the only job in the law you can do from home keep watching because you could be earning for your next court appearance without even leaving your home or getting a law degree. Number 3 web developer 60000 to $105000 web developers make the World Wide Web go round and work for skilled developers is high in demand of the different types of web developers a full stack developer is the most lucrative and sought after skill set this means you can handle the back end front end of development so full stockers are the highest paid salaries for web developers also vary vastly based on region so don't expect to take on the same size baking in the Ukraine as you would in New York but the cost of living also varies so it's all relative and if you don't have the skills to get into the web development team there are ways to still get into the market and you can learn more advanced skills with online courses as you go why not look into a role as a web search evaluator you'll work for search engines to analyze the search results you can work from home and it pays between 12 to $15 an hour or you could test websites for glitches the navigation hours for up to $15 for a 20 minute tax. Number 2 pharmacist or virtual nurse 110000 to $130000. Virtual medical practitioners have never been more relevant as they are right now during a pandemic when medical resources are so stretched and the front line workers are at risk keeping as many of our front line workers home and safe is a priority right now so enter the virtual pharmacist or nurse licensed nurses and pharmacists can offer remote consultations with medical advice and case management using video calling pharmacists can review prescriptions give treatment advice authorize prescriptions remotely and arrange delivery while nurses can offer patient education wellness advice and help you diagnose on behalf of health insurers this not only reduces the patient load at hospitals and medical centers but also helps to stop the spread of diseases what could be more 2020 that a legal drug dealer just assume call away. 

Number one physician doctor or GP $195000 finally an alternative to tracking your story 6 self to the doctor when you least feel like leaving the house next time you're feeling under the weather dial a doc instead of going to the Medical Center physicians are general practitioners are moving their practices online to offer remote consultations to patients wherever they are they offer their usual consultation services diagnose and prescribe medicine all over a video chat because most common illnesses present with easy to recognize symptoms for anything that might need further investigation the patient will be referred for a physical medical exam but for the most part telemedicine works well for many I don't think doctors take a pay cut for the luxury of working from home remote doctors still earn upwards of $200000 they just don't get the benefit of a special parking space but who needs it when you can see patients in your slippers. And with that a lectures we're at the end do you prefer working from an office or from your home what's the best thing about working from home to you let us know in the comments for sticking with us until the end here's your bonus if you click this video because he really needed an app home opportunity right now then this next stay at home job is for you virtual jurors are a real thing and lawyers pay up to $60 for you to listen to their case and give them some feedback virtual juries are assembled by lawyers to give them a chance to see how a jury would react to their case

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