FA Cup final-2020

In a football match on Saturday evening, which consisted of some social distance, they defeated Jalsi 1-2 and won the CIA Cup, which led to a lot of congratulations from the people.
Not once has it been 14 times that winning the Gunners Trophy and the 25th season is a huge achievement. They qualified for Europe. It's a great achievement.
Two very important and brilliant goals that led to the victory of the match but they still looked just a little bit to lift the cup
The traditional dance in the room took place when the trophy fell to the ground and everyone started looking at each other
He did his best in his injured condition and then he completed the rest with his friend
Such a dynamic day reached its destination and more than that we can't expect that day. The players faced a lot of difficulties on the field but still they did not dare and took the trophy in their name.
Striker threw the trophy on the floor in an attempt to lift the trophy while he should have tried to take the trophy to his team.
Fashionista Hector Ballerin introduces a new way of wearing the medal of victory

#FA Cup final
#FA Cup final-2020