How to Become Expert In Stock Exchange Marketing Today


Stock marketing  to someone who can place their first trade and get off to the investment races I probably don't need to convince you that relying on one income is a bad idea if you want to reach financial success and have multiple streams of income what I'm going to do here is a break it up into a couple sections beginning with what a stock is where I buy one how do you make money buying and selling stocks why I invest in stocks and not something else and then I will give you guys some guidelines on the basics of what I look for in a stock when I try to pick a good one finally I will wrap up with some best practices on keeping track of your investments and if you make money what to expect to pay in taxes and it don't worry taxes are a good thing because that means you have made some cash so pull out a pen just like my Drexel Penn right here from my college days and let's get to building your financial future and real quick I just want to say I recommend watching this article through because this topic I've dedicated 7 years of my life to and I know if you watch 

This article through its basically a shortcut to my finance degree and all the number of years I've spent obsessing over creating wealth and the myself out of the low income immigrant family that I came from I truly love helping people and I would teach this to all of you guys regardless even if I didn't make a penny from it because I know exactly how a article like this could change someone's life and future all I ask is you smashed like when the semi hard work can be recognized and push to more people now let's get into it if you buy one share Google stock well now you know you own Google it just happens to be a very small piece of Google's business now you get to benefit as Google's business grows it's pretty dang cool what is the stock market the stock market is a massive exchange or we can just call it a platform where people come together to buy and sell stocks is just a place where all these companies exist and we're able to spy on their prices and their businesses yeah Hey how. Do you buy a stock you need to set up a brokerage account most brokerages don't charge anything for opening an account and oftentimes trading is free that was never the case but with legal you can buy and sell stocks are free and you can get a free share when you sign up and after deposit $100 you can get a second stock up to $1400 the link is in my description and help my channel out the second platform I've been using is Robin Hood they are very easy to use and that's where

 I started first so I still use them for a lot of my trading the app is super simple to sign up and they also give you a free share of stock with their promotion I'll have that in my description as well so basically you get your feet wet with 3 free stocks right off the bat for free you can do all this through your computer your tablet for your smartphone it's similar to opening up a bank account where you store your money except with a brokerage you can buy and sell the stocks you like as long as they're on the exchange next how do you make the Moolah there are many ways but in this article I will focus on just 2 of the most common ways the first way is to buy low and sell high if you buy a stock for $100 can in a couple weeks is 110 you decide you want to cash out you are one click away in one button away from clicking in selling and leaving with a total of $110 that means you just earn $10 with a few clicks of a button no worries the second way to make money is by purchasing companies that pay dividends a dividend is kind of like a thank you from the company you invested in you invest in them and they say thank you by paying you on a quarterly basis so every 3 months you get paid and doing nothing just as a courtesy and having your money with that company not all companies pay dividends and I will show you later in this article

 How to figure out how much a company pays its shareholders not all stocks pay you dividends but a good amount of a large companies really do pay dividends dividend income is essentially just money that goes your brokerage account that you can decide what you want to do list you can save up that money for the next vacation or you can reinvest and buy more so. Stocks I would recommend you buy more stocks so you can make more dividends and continue the cycle until you get really wealthy so buying low and selling high end dividend income is 2 of the most common ways to make money investing there are many other ways maybe 2 I don't know why I'm saying to I'm just so used to doing this they're probably dozens of ways to make money there are other many complicated ways to make money in the stock market like trading options if you're interested in what options trading is then you can check out my mentorship group where I work with people more hands on next I'll discuss why invest in stocks rather than something else well I guess the first reason I decided on stocks is because I studied investing in university and had the opportunity to work on Wall Street as my first internship and I never looked back my professors and books taught me that the stock market has always one up what time it is a great tool for building well so why should you invest in stocks the first one is to make money of course if you want a way to earn money without having to go to work or go to a job and then investing is a very good way to make money from wherever you are you can make your money work for you and make more money with in fact if you invest properly and watch my articles on stock trading you have the potential to turn a couple 0 Bucks into a few thousands if a company rises in value some people are afraid to invest in what I like most about stocks is that you can start with next to nothing there are stocks that are worth $20 even $10 for you to start learning and building experience with you can make a lot more money in this event any other way of investing because some socks could double or triple or even in the case of Tesla this year rise from 300 hours per share to over 1500 hours per share real estate investing is very close to stock market investing and is amazing but generally speaking you won't be able to get the same percent returns you would get by investing your money into the stock market it also requires a lot of work real estate agencies potential that tenants and a much more complicated issues if you become a really great a stock market investing then you can achieve 10 percent returns per. A year and that is a very good amounts in much less hassle than any other type of investment some years they could be better in some years they could be a little bit less even investing in an index fund can get sure about 8 percent per year which isn't so bad vanguard has some of the best and cheapest seats yes if you guys want to know a couple of my favorite vanguard funds all of that in my description the last reason I like stocks is because information is readily available online if you do your research and develop a fundamental understanding of how the stock performs in the business that it is in the vacuum be enough research for you to make a long term investment you can set it and forget it you can then listen in on their earnings calls for all the latest news and get excited about their success all while learning more about business and the world that we live in next we have what I look for let's say you stumble upon coke stock first I try to understand what this is business do in the case of coke and make some really addicting drinks cool simple enough right what I usually do from there is I check out their investor relations page and investor relations page is where the company post public information about how much money they make in their earnings releases and business presentations here's what coke's page looks like as you can see when I click there earnings release they go over highlights of how much money they made the more you learn and understand a business the better position you will be and to make a good investment don't feel overwhelmed if you aren't understanding this as a beginner it takes time but when it's someone else like me teaching you it's only a matter of time until things start to click and you gain confidence and experience with this kind of stuff we'll have to start somewhere and there was a time I had no idea what I was doing completely and that's totally fine I'm here to educate and mentor my you to family on becoming a little investing geniuses after I take a look at the business and maybe read some stuff on their investor relations page I head over to Yahoo finance here is what Yahoo finance looks like and what I like to watch out for next guys the 2 last things that you. I have to do once you open up an account find your dream stock and purchase it is tractor investments I just use a simple excel sheet and get fancy with it but there's nothing wrong with your tracking all your stocks in a simple spreadsheet whether it's excel or Google spreadsheets you can write down stocks and track them just like this you can also use a number of apps to track your portfolio keeping track allows you to learn from your mistakes and stay on top of your portfolio performance I wouldn't do this every day unless you have a significant amount of money because it can become very addicting and force you to do more action than you really need to lastly and this is the last thing something that we all have to watch out for is taxes this is a really common question I get asked and I just want to say before I tell you my thoughts and experiences you have to know I am not a financial adviser or tax person I'm just a driven guy that likes to educate others so make sure you do your own research and contact the professionals let's say you put $100 in a stock in a Saugus at $300 and you don't self then you don't owe any taxes because you don't really sell and you didn't really learn anything just yet it's just on paper for now however if you do sell out of that stock you now owe money on the difference in other words you now owe taxes on $300 minus $100 that means that $200 that you earn is now considered income and you will pay taxes and your tax bracket without getting too complicated about tax brackets and they can range widely depending on where you live I usually just put in a rough estimate of 30 percent that means if you need $200 you pay 30 percent of that amount or $60 worth of taxes so you're left with $140 to be free buy some ice cream invest in yourself 

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