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Microsoft was basically reinvented back in 2014 by its new CEO Satya Nadella and it has been in a massive comeback mode even though it took a hit in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it's stock price has actually been able to completely wash out the losses and it reached a new all-time high on June 10th 2020 now the question is will the stock price go back down again so that we can buy at a cheaper price or did we miss the boat in today's article I'm going to analyze the Microsoft stock price from five points of my signature Invest Diva Diamond Analysis which includes fundamentals market sentiment technicals how it fits with different Microsoft is a hybrid growth, dividend stock which means the Company has a bright future ahead of them, while having the capability to pay out consistently, increasing dividends.  its most notable revenue generator is its Intelligent Cloud, or Microsoft Azure, which grew 89% this fiscal year.  tolerance levels and overall how it fits within your portfolio we're going to find out what the future holds for the Microsoft stock price what type of investor can consider adding Microsoft to their portfolio and of course whether or not I'm invested in the Microsoft stock 

We are going to cue in the intro and while we do that head over to the comments section and tell me which product do you use most commonly Microsoft products or Apple? let's go hey guys I'm Kiana Danial 3-time author and the founder of the Invest Diva Movement, the March to jump on to take control of your financial future and to make your money work for you Microsoft has long been on my top long-term hold list within my Invest Diva premium investing group (PIG) where I go live every single Tuesday to analyze over 20 assets and answer our PIG members questions if you'd like to know how you can get a three months of free membership to the Premium Investing Group open up a new browser right now type in and register your seed for my next upcoming free masterclass where I teach you how you can take control of your financial future and how you can make your money work for you the right way Microsoft has continued its string of impressive quarters even during the COVID 19 pandemic with meaningful upside to the revenue their operating margin and their earnings per if it can break above this all-time high level or not now while this is an all time high level that was recently reached we could also consider this a double top formation if this resistance level is not able to be broken above but long-term and due to the wide economic mode of Microsoft I believe that we can at least expect the prices 210 227 and 238 to be reached in the medium term these are 

Fibonacci retracement levels respectively with the last one being the most importantly from that retracement level of 50% well of course I cope with 19 provided an unexpected drop to the Microsoft price but let's see if we had other dips during Microsoft's price action in the past so for example in 2018 we did have a dip over here after it reached an all-time high level of 116 it pulled back a little bit just to go back up and create further future highs had a consolidation in 2019 over here and then we gained energy and reach a new all-time high at 190 we had another period of consolidation in 2016 actually here in 2016 2015 period there was a lot of talking and price but overall it has maintained its growth position so basically we want to find out right now Microsoft stock price we did have a double top chart pattern over here and it completed it went to consolidation mode and then started to go back up in 2013 but we may not be able to rely on that chart right now because the management and the CEO have changed so I'm going to monitor this potential double top chart pattern for the next week or so and see if the price can actually break above it and if it can't then obviously we have missed the boat and the price is going to jump up now the good thing is that for every time that Microsoft price does reach an all-time high we do see a temporary pullback anyway and if the pullback starts right now right here then based on the Fibonacci retracement 

Analysis we could expect the price to go back down to one of these support levels at 177 168 and 161 if the price reaches 210 before the pullback then we have to redo our Fibonacci retracement level find new support levels potentially the new support level after that is going to be at around 192 anyway because this is the current resistance that is going to turn into support in the future now who is a Microsoft stock for because it doesn't really pay a high dividend yield this wouldn't be work for somebody who's in their retirement years who are looking for income with their investment strategy at this price if you're buying today Microsoft will definitely be considered the perfect opportunity for somebody who is younger who is looking for long term growth in their portfolio in my opinion I personally am invested in the Microsoft stock and I started investing in it a long time ago now if I didn't have any Microsoft stocks I would probably consider starting to invest in it by setting buy limit orders at these key support levels and monitor this double top chart pattern I would keep the Microsoft stock for at least a year before I take profit and if you already have Microsoft and you want to start taking partial profit these are the levels that you can consider for profit taking 210, 227 and 238 that does it for my opinion about the Microsoft stock and its price action 

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