The Top 3 Businesses For Beginners For Today

 The top 3 businesses for beginners to start right now and 2020 what are those 3 businesses I love everything marketing I have had the benefit of the experience of 18 years in the online digital space what does that mean to you that means I can share with you based on my experience what you might want to think about doing if you're starting up in your new in this space so that you can have the time freedom you're craving and make the money that you really want to sustain the lifestyle that you're looking forward to having his I know you're looking in the online space to start a business because if you want to do something different or maybe you've been laid off from your job or you want a passive side hustle but you're tired of life the way it is you want more freedom you want more time to do the things you love and spend time with the people that you love so let's dive in I mean insurance you the 3 businesses that I recommend for 2020 so especially

 if you're a brand new beginners the first 1 is you can become what we call an affiliate marketer initially marker is someone that takes products and services from someone else it's already created now sells them to other people and makes a small percentage now let me share with you an example might be like Amazon you can go on Amazon there's a wide variety of products and you can actually pick whatever price you want and you can put those on a website and you can sell them or you can just drive traffic to Amazon and you get your own code and there you go you make can make a small percentage I do know what I love to bullet journals like a passion of mine and so are you write blog articles about bullet journaling and 

I have Amazon links in there and I make money from it was on every month okay. So that's one thing you can do it's great to if you want to get started right away and you don't really care about having your own brand we just want to make a little bit of money now the second thing is that you can set set up what we call a membership site a membership site think about it like this is kind of like a gym membership for you get you invite people into this membership and you get paid month after month and what you do is you provide content every single month to these people now. The challenge with the membership site is is that you do have some turnover and typically membership sites might be anywhere from like 27 to a couple $0 a month and you're constantly having to come out with new content month after month after month and as we get you may think well that doesn't sound hard but I will tell you you will get tired of creating content month after month after month because you always are on you're constantly looking for new people to join your membership site because you know like with the gym membership people will they'll sign up and then they'll stop work you know it's like it's kind of like a membership like you know like think about Netflix or whatever sometimes you keep it sometimes you drop it it's one of those kind of things now the third thing in this is something that I always recommend and I've tried a mall is having what I call your own course so what that means is that you take what ever you're an expert in or something you're super passionate about it could be a hobby it could be something you teacher job it could be you know whatever that thing is that you're an expert in and I'm not talking about the fact that you have to be an expert for 5 plus years I'm just talking about something that you know a lot about and you're passionate about that you can teach you can package up your brilliance your work in the world into a simple online course you can literally give it up in 8 weeks and be profitable literally in 8 weeks it's so awesome. Very easy task to do it and you can be making money what you do is your teacher 5 to 5 to 10 people out of the gate that have paid you to work with you in a small group will you teach whatever this thing is that you want to put out in the world it's brilliant and it's beautiful and what I teach people to do is to really charge between 500 and the 2000 as they grow the reason for that is when you package of pure brilliance and you put a premium price tag on it of course the value has to be in there you can't put together something crappy and then charge a lot no but when you put the value in there and you actually charge a premium price people when they pay more are more inclined to stick with something and guess what happens then they get the results they give the transformation at the end and that is what a brilliant about this is so important because once they get the results of the transformation in life and business what happens then is they tell other people it's it's so wonderful and the other people come to you you get referrals and your business just keeps growing imagine 5 people at $1000 a month to month after month you just keep getting referrals you drive some traffic with easy organic waste and while you have a $5000 plus business month after month it's brilliant 

#The Top 3 Businesses For Beginners For Today  

# Businesses For Beginners For Today  

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